Extrusion is a widely used manufacturing process in the manufacturing industry to create parts or products with a constant cross-sectional shape and indefinite length. This process is based on the principle of forcing a material through a die with a specific shape, usually with the aid of a screw or piston. Extrusion can be used on a variety of metallic materials as well as plastics, ceramics, and rubber.

Extrusion is used in many applications, such as the production of cylinders, pipes, bars, sheets, wires, and much more, representing an efficient, fast, and versatile process for creating linear products with complex and detailed sections. The extruded material can be further machined with CNC or treated with antioxidant or surface hardening processes.

Some of the metals commonly USED FOR extrusion include:

✔ Aluminium
✔ Copper
✔ Steel
✔ Zinc
✔ Magnesium
✔ Titanium
✔ Aluminium and magnesium alloys
✔ Nickel and nickel alloys

Here's how extrusion works in general:


Material Preparation

The base material, which can be in the form of pellets, powder, or granules, is loaded into the hopper of the extrusion unit.


Material Feeding

The material is then pushed by a screw or piston inside a cylinder.


Compression and Heating

The screw or piston inside the cylinder exerts pressure on the material, forcing it through the calibrated opening of the die.
At the same time, within the cylinder, the material is heated using specific heaters or resistors placed inside, bringing it to a plastic state suitable for extrusion.



The heated material is then pushed through the opening of the die, which can have a wide range of shapes depending on the application.


Cooling and Cutting

After exiting the die, the extruded material is rapidly cooled, often using water or air, to solidify it into its final shape. It is then cut into pieces and processed or treated to the desired length.

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